How To Find Guest Blogging Sites Quickly

Guest Blogging is the most popular yet underutilized methodology of SEO Link Building in 2019. Because most of us don’t know how to find guest blogging sites quickly.

Hey, I am Umesh Joshi from India. It has been a few years that I am doing guest blogging for my clients SEO Professional and Link Building Consultant.

I have published many guest post on various blogs on different niche. Doing guest posting has never been a very difficult task if you target the right type of blogs.

So you must be thinking that how to find guest blogging opportunities that are relevant for your blog.

What is guest blogging and why it is important?

Guest blogging or also known as guest posting, is writing and publishing articles in other blogs or websites as a guest author with a link to your website.

Top 3 benefits of guest blogging activity that you can’t afford to miss:

  • Guest blogging is very effective way to establish your authority in your niche and grow your brand awareness.
  • Another great benefit of doing guest blogging is the quality of traffic it sends to your blog or site. You just need to write high quality and useful post. Once it is live, you will see the traffic growth to your site.
  • With quality guest posting you will get more social media following and sharing. It will help to create trust among your followers.

Today I am going to explain you top three ways to find guest blogging sites even if you are completely novice or beginner. These three methods are being used by me personally and very effective.

So if you want to know how I do guest blogging effectively (without wasting time) then keep reading till the end of the article. It will definitely save your time and efforts.

1. Ultimate Search Queries to find guest blogging sites

A search query or search term is the word or string of words that a user types into the search box of search engine i.e. Google or Yahoo.

Check this page from Wikipedia to know more about web search query to make your life easy. These are a list of ultimate search queries that I personally use to find guest posting opportunities.

Search Queries to find guest posting opportunities

With the help of above search queries, you will be able to find the exact page with details to submit a guest blog. This is a very simple method to find relevant sites that accept guest blogging.

The first step is to find out which topic you want to write about. Based on that topic you need to search relevant sites and find guest blogging sites that accept guest post.

Let me share one example to explain this in detail. I was looking for a good site/blog that accepts a guest post about dental treatment.

The topic is clear i.e. dental implant. So now I just need to find guest blogging sites related to dental or health. Now I used the same search query in Google with my keyword as follow:

Google search to find guest blogging sites

As you can see, I find one blog that is based on dental topic, which is very nice. And a few other blogs on a health topic that are accepting guest blogs.

Any blogs on health niche will be perfectly fit to publish dental implant post. You shouldn’t be rigid to find the exact topic blog.

Like this, in just a few minutes you should find 30 or 35 health websites that accept guest post. And that’s all!!  You got your first list of relevant websites for guest post opportunities.

Really easy, try it!

 2. Checking Your Competitor’s Backlinks

This is very smart methods to find guest blogging sites for guest posting. We will check the backlinks of your competitor to find sites which already provided a guest blog.

But for this method, you should have access to some backlink checker tools like Moz, Majestic or Ahrefs. Personally, I prefer to use Ahrefs tool but this is paid one. If you can afford to buy this tool then it is really worth to give a try.

But don’t worry if you don’t have a budget right now. You can also use freemium tool that is Link Explorer from Moz. It is a very good Link Building Research Tool.

You just need to sign up for a free Moz account for 10 free queries per month. Click here to see the video that explains how to sign up and use this tool properly.

In the following image, you will see how many backlinks I found using Ahrefs tool for the guest blogging.

Use Ahrefs tool to find guest blogging sites quickly


In just a few minutes I found many good quality websites that already provided guest blogs to my competitor. It could have taken hours to find such blogs using Google search operators.

I also noticed many sites which don’t have any guest post submission or “write for us” page. It means they aren’t openly accepting guest post at all. These are real golden opportunities for a guest blog.

3. Join Reddit Guest Post Forum

Joining SEO forum is a very interesting and effective way of finding guest posting opportunities. There are many webmasters or bloggers, who want to grow their blogs and looking for quality content from others that will add value to their blog, in the initial stage.

Join Reditt guest post forum to find guest blogging sites

These growing blogs or sites are like hidden gems. The value of the link will keep improving as long as the authority of these blogs improve. An old link from a medium quality site is more valuable than a link from the very high-quality site.

Just make sure to do basic website check i.e. the site having social media channel working, the design should be unique & responsive and already having some domain authority i.e. DA 15+ at least. You shouldn’t miss this and must join Reddit Guest Post Forum.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few easy methods that you can use to find guest blogging sites and start guest posting for your site. These look simple but believe me, these are really effective. Try all today.

I would love to get your feedback about this post. Leave your comments with any suggestion to improve this post. I would check and reply to each comment personally.

I am an SEO Consultant and Link Building Expert from India. My SEO Link Building (Guest Posting) Services will help your business to get higher ranking & more traffic (irrespective of Google update in future).

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